Founder of Everytown for Gun Safety believes people need to be managed for their own good with taxes

The former mayor of New York City outlined his methods of ruling the “great unwashed slave class” to International Monetary Fund managing director Christine Lagarde. Story here In the interview streamed from Washington D.C. the multi-billionaire spoke frankly about managing the poor for their “own good”. With taxes on cigarettes, surgery drinks, and french fries – the former mayor defended his actions, saying, he felt he owed it to them.

Bloomberg channels Judge Smails from Caddy Shack

Mr. Bloomberg founded Everytown for Gun Safety in 2006. Everytown has spent nearly 6 million dollars to ban guns since 2014. Everytown is more “Bloomberg” management; he owes us all.


Andy ignores questions about illegal campaign contributions

The Cuomo campaign is ignoring questions about $250,000 donations during the emperor’s last crowning. story here I am sure it will just go away, or the reporters will get new jobs, or their bosses will get great state jobs.

How could it be “true”. Andy Cuomo had millions in his campaign war chest during the last election. Plus his opponent, Rob Astorino, was never a serious contender according to the emperor.

Ulster County Democrats rebuff sitting Democrat Sheriff over Guns

Ulster County Sheriff Paul VanBlarcum, a Democrat elected to 3 four year terms, was passed over by the county Democrat party. Instead the party chose retired state trooper Juan Figueroa. story here

Sheriff VanBlarcrum an outspoken supporter of concealed carry, asked residents to carry everyday. story here The democrats did not approve of the Sheriff’s position on guns and instead selected a candidate more in keeping with their views. VanBlarcrum will primary Figueroa and already has the nomination of the Independence Party.

Andy still has time to prank his rivals at NY Democrat convention

The NY Democrat convention may look like coronation from the outside with 95% of Democrats selecting Emperor Andy but it could not have been fun for Cynthia Nixon.

Nixon was given a room to speak right next door to a Cuomo event. When the other events sound overwhelmed Nixon supporters a post reporter asked, “Can you get a fair hearing, if you can’t even get a mic”. Emperor Andy was using a sound system.

Nixon laughed about Cuomo’s heavy hand throughout the convention and said “it’s important to show up” and “It’s important that, at the Democratic convention, there is at least one actual Democrat running for governor.”

The State Democrats are having trouble endorsing Emperor Andy, but Hillary is on board

Top State Democrats have been delaying their endorsement of Emperor Andy’s governor campaign ahead of their convention. Story Here. Probably would like something a little more like that “Sex in the City” woman. Hillary made up her mind right away though and has endorsed the Emperor. Story Here. Bill made no such plans to endorse Andy; we know he likes “Sex in the City” or anywhere else for that matter.