Democrat Nixon offers difference from Cuomo

To quote Al “Manbearpig” Gore “an inconvenient truth” is becoming apparent in New York’s Democrat primary for Governor. Despite Emperor Andy’s new clothing and rhetoric, he is no Democrat. Speaking at SUNY New Paltz this week, Nixon pointed out the differences between her and Cuomo.

Nixon called out Cuomo’s signature “Free College” program, Excelsior Scholarship, as a sham. Only 3 percent of SUNY and CUNY students are getting “free tuition”. She also proposed more spending on SUNY and CUNY, and “free college” for everyone – even “undocumented” New Yorkers.

Nixon is really a Democrat running in a Democrat Primary for New York Governor. She is opposed by a racketeer, who runs the state by whim and bluster. Emperor Cuomo being held to account for his “liberal” is entertaining but not very likely to unseat the regime.

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