Cuomo vs Trump

This is crazy but the world is a little crazy these days. The left thinks, at least one of them is suggesting, Emperor Andy would be an excellent candidate to take on Trump in 2020. Crazy ideas on 2020 candidates

The author of the article, Froma Harrop, thinks Cuomo is ideal to take on Trump because he is from NY and would not be intimidated by Trump’s NY style. Trump’s NY style is one of his biggest weaknesses outside of NY, but the author contends because Cuomo displays the same tendency towards crudely worded exaggeration he would be able to connect with the ‘working class’.

Cuomo can not win an election outside of NY, he would be embarrassed by Trump in any public confrontation. He would probably be embarrassed by the rabble that has run as Democrats in 2008. NY overlooks his lack of intelligence, his dictator-like style, and his grandstanding because despite numerous investigations he has yet to be caught in a scandal.

New York is the most corrupt political state in America. NY even surpasses Illinois. The governors of NY resign in scandal. New Yorker’s suffering this, but still, admire a dictator who at least good at “getting away with it”. I don’t think the free parts of America live under such delusions.

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