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Frank Merola Rensselaer County Clerk may run for NY Senate

According to the Times Union here, Frank Merola will decide by Friday, May 4th if he will seek the Republican nomination for Kathy Marchione’s Senate seat. Marchione was a vocal critic of the unSAFE act in NY. Frank Merola has already butted heads with Cuomo as Rensselaer County Clerk here and here.

Emperor Andy is a pretty lonely guy

One would think someone as powerful and such a shoe in for re-election would have lots of allies and friends tripping over his robes. However, even his bedfellows have reservations. Top liberal politicians are not willing to endorse Andy yet.

Scheiderman DiNapoli withhold endorsement

Two more GOP senators scared of blue wave

The ”blue wave” forecasted by the talking head media has convinced two more GOP NY state senators not to run. The GOP controlled state Senate has been the breakwater that’s stopped a lot Emperor Andy’s agenda. It is evaporating quickly.

two more GOP NY senators quit

Two Republicans amongst top raisers in NY congressional races

The forecasted ”blue wave” should be strongest in Emperor Andy’s NY. However, two Republicans are amongst the leaders in fundraising for the 2018 midterm congressional races. Zeldin and Faso are supposed to lose according to ’talking head’ punditry.

An article here details the top fundraisers.


Representative Tenney is a radical republican according to the media

Politico declares a new center significantly left of the old center. In a recent article, Politico implies Republican’s like Claudia Tenney to radical for their new center. Tenney states facts like “most mass shooters are Democrats”, and scandal-plagued Democrats like Hillary Clinton should be investigated. The new center can’t have these points of history talked about in public much less in Congress members mind.

Here is a link to Politico’s article on how right-minded center oriented voters should avoid embarrassment and elect anyone Politico says instead.

Outspoken voices for sanity silenced in New York

Not long ago, amidst all the rallies and protests, when the unSAFE act was passed in the middle of the night, three state legislators were outspoken critics of the Emperor Andy’s actions. Steve McLaughlin, Pete Lopez, and Kathy Marchione.

Steve McLaughlin was convinced to leave the Assembly for a county politics job, Pete Lopez decided to become a regional administrator for the EPA and now Kathy Marchione has now decided not to run for re-election to spend more time with her family.

Marchione decides not run

No one to call Emperor Andy ‘Hitler’ seems to be left.

It would seem coincidence has given the emperor a few fewer critics.