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Six Republicans line up to run for Kathy Marchiones seat in NY Senate

Unfortunately, Frank Merola, who would have been a very strong candidate to replace Kathy Marchione in the New York Senate decided not to run. The Times Union is reporting that six candidates are planning to primary for the position. Kathy Marchione was an outspoken advocate for gun owners and against Emperor Andy’s unSAFE act and depopulate upstate NY agenda. Several candidates sound positive in the TU article here but none seem to have the name recognition Merola would have had during the election.

Be careful and tread lightly picking a favorite as Andy is a master puppeteer and has been recruiting NY Senate candidates an article here this year. It is not beyond the pale to think he would pick a Republican candidate to serve his ends.

Does your NY Utility Bill seem like a lot for a little

Over the last several years utility bills in upstate NY have risen, the utility companies have consolidated, and no one seems to work directly for the utility companies except bookkeepers and collection agents? The days when you knew someone who a had a good job as linemen or customer service agent seem to have vanished.

Emperor Andy is more responsible than you might first guess. Andy has seeded the boards of utilities across the state with his henchmen. A Politico article here details the racket. Everything in NY is a racket.

Democrat Nixon offers difference from Cuomo

To quote Al “Manbearpig” Gore “an inconvenient truth” is becoming apparent in New York’s Democrat primary for Governor. Despite Emperor Andy’s new clothing and rhetoric, he is no Democrat. Speaking at SUNY New Paltz this week, Nixon pointed out the differences between her and Cuomo.

Nixon called out Cuomo’s signature “Free College” program, Excelsior Scholarship, as a sham. Only 3 percent of SUNY and CUNY students are getting “free tuition”. She also proposed more spending on SUNY and CUNY, and “free college” for everyone – even “undocumented” New Yorkers.

Nixon is really a Democrat running in a Democrat Primary for New York Governor. She is opposed by a racketeer, who runs the state by whim and bluster. Emperor Cuomo being held to account for his “liberal” is entertaining but not very likely to unseat the regime.
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Notorious Anti-Gun Crusader NY AG Schneiderman to resign

Eric Schneiderman who rose to New York Attorney General crusading for Gun Control has been accused of physical violence by several women in his life. The liberal attorney general has resigned. Another example of “projection”, when a liberal politician will not trust average people with firearms – it usually means they can not be trusted with firearms or much of anything else.

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Andy tires of NY Senate GOP control

Emperor Andy has tired of his 7-year long alliance with GOP control of the New York Senate. The Emperor is actively looking for Democrats to run for NY Senate in upstate NY. He should not have much trouble a lot of people living upstate are looking for a good government job, not many employers have been able to survive the dictators rule. Check out the article, maybe you can get a job.

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The Cuomo Corruption Package

New York Senate Republicans are pushing a good government package pointed at Emporer Andy’s fundraising (bribery). It is hard to take New York Senate Republicans seriously because they have been the governors best allies during his reign. The political class does like to eat their own, so maybe they are serious and sense the Emporer is targeting them for ‘upstating’ them into unemployment. Senate Good Government attack

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Another Hudson Valley GOP NY Senator under fire

New York Sen. Terrence Murphy is being targeted for suggesting that voters show ID when voting. NY elections are notorious for being rigged, but hey why – end that “vote early, vote often” and vote in the races you want to influence. It is common for part-time residents of upstate who live downstate to vote in both polling districts. The “blue wave” does not need a reason to heap criticism on a GOP candidate. The NY Post starts the torch-bearing mob here.
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Emperor Andy holds a big lead in the Governor race in NY

It is early yet, but I hope it is not wishful thinking that the Emperor can finally retire to private thugging. A Quinnipiac University poll finds the race much like elections Sadaam Hussein’s Iraq – completely one-sided. Let’s hope NY doesn’t require an invasion to seek their own freedom.

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